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Item #: 524
Category: Books
Item: Creative Writing for Primary Levels ( Answers To)
ISBN: 9789766481889
Author: Meena Newaskar / Benjamin Lee / Angela Leu
J$1,000.00  (US$ 6.45) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$25.00 (US$0.16)

Jampak Books
Item #: 914
Category: Books
Item: Caribbean Primary Mathematics - Bright Sparks Workbook 5
J$1,020.00  (US$ 6.58) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$30.00 (US$0.19)

Jampak Books
Item #: 2462
Category: Books
Item: Mental Ability and Reasoning Book 5
ISBN: 9789769614307
Author: Fourcee Kingdom Enterprise
Publisher: Fourcee Kingdom Enterprise
J$1,050.00  (US$ 6.77) Plus Shipping & Handling

Jampak Books
Item #: 2108
Category: Books
Item: Let's Learn to Write Cursive - Book 1
ISBN: 9789766382049
Author: Janet P. Lewis
Publisher: Carlong Publishers
J$1,080.00  (US$ 6.97) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$15.00 (US$0.10)

Jampak Books
Item #: 3424
Category: Books
Item: The Parables of Jesus
ISBN: 9781545649251
Author: A. Hamilton
J$1,100.00  (US$ 7.10) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$50.00 (US$0.32)

Jampak Books
Item #: 319
Category: Books
Item: Oxford Mini School Spanish Dictionary
ISBN: 9780192757098
Publisher: Oxford
J$1,148.00  (US$ 7.41) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$27.00 (US$0.17)

Jampak Books
Item #: 919
Category: Books
Item: Collins Student's Dictionary for the Caribbean
J$1,238.00  (US$ 7.99) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$37.00 (US$0.24)

Jampak Books
Item #: 938
Category: Books
Item: First Choice Computer Studies Workbook 5 (3rd edition)
ISBN: 9789769560703
Author: Lisa Hibbert-Wynter
J$1,260.00  (US$ 8.13) Plus Shipping & Handling

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