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Jampak Books
Item #: 1073
Category: Leisure Books
Item: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Used)
Author: L. Carrol
Publisher: Puffic Classics
J$400.00  (US$ 2.58) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$2.00 (US$0.01)

Jampak Books
Item #: 1070
Category: Leisure Books
Item: Enders Game (Used)
Author: Orson Scott Card
Publisher: Starscape
J$600.00  (US$ 3.87) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$3.00 (US$0.02)

Jampak Books
Item #: 1074
Category: Leisure Books
Item: The Secret Garden (Used)
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Publisher: Puffic Classics
J$700.00  (US$ 4.52) Plus Shipping & Handling

Member ’s Discount J$4.00 (US$0.03)

Jampak Books
Item #: 1332
Category: Leisure Books
Item: Treasure Island (Classic Starts) (Used)
Author: Retold from Robert Louis Stevenson
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co.
J$800.00  (US$ 5.16) Plus Shipping & Handling

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Carlong Revision Guide For Junior Science
This science book is published by a most reputable publisher and covers a wide range of topics.

J$2,265.00 (US$14.61)
J$2,243.05 (US$14.47)