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Welcome to jampakbooks.com, trading name of Jampak Import Company Ltd. (Jampak). Jampak Import Company trades as Jampak Books. For the purposes of this document, Jampak Import Company Ltd will be referred to as Jampak. Through this website, Jampak offers you a wide variety of books and stationery. The website also facilitates members selling books and other articles, including used articles. All users are subject to conditions detailed below.


Please read the Privacy Statement associated with this website.

Electronic Communications

We at Jampak endeavor to satisfy our costumer's needs. In doing so, Jampak may need to contact you to clarify an order, verify delivery day and time, or any reason that is pertinent in filling the order. Jampak may also contact you for promotional purposes. Once you have contacted us via email or by purchasing from store, you consent to receive communication from Jampak.


All content, including text, graphics, logos, etc., are the property of Jampak Import Company Ltd., and cannot be used without permission from a director of Jampak.

Reviews & Comments

Jampak will invite customers to review its products and services. Such reviews must be bound by the law and not violate copyright or libel laws, and must not be obscene or offensive. Jampak retains the right to remove postings that it deems unfit, damaging to a third party, or illegal.

Copyright complaints

If you consider any material posted on jampakbooks.com to have used your intellectual property illegally, please contact us via email and detail your complaint. Include the source and/or location of the original item, document, image, etc.; proof that you are the owner of the property; your name, email address, and telephone number; and any other pertinent information that can validate your claim. If investigations validate your claim, Jampak will immediately remove the content.


Customers are required to inspect the products upon delivery. Complaints about faults with the product must be made within 48 hours. Warranty will cover items that were damaged before purchase and delivery. Jampak will replace products covered by warranty once the damage is brought to the attention of Jampak within the warranty period and if Jampak's investigations confirm that the product meets the requirements aforementioned. Jampak reserves the right to replace the product. However, if the item is out of stock, Jampak will give a full refund of the money used to purchase the item.


Jampak will only refund the cost or items that are damaged and covered by the warranty. If purchases of said items are made using PayPal, credit card, or debit card, Jampak will refund the cost of the item less charges incurred by the transaction. Jampak will not give refunds for undamaged products once the order has been wrapped, labelled, or delivered. Customers will instead be given credit in exchange for returned products.


Customers can cancel an order once the products have not been wrapped, labelled or dispatched. Cancellation can be done by phone or email using the 'Contact Us' page.


A delivery cost is charged at check out for tangible products (i.e. products not delivered over the internet). This charge covers deliveries within Kingston, Jamaica. Deliveries outside Kingston, Jamaica, will require the order being delivered using a courier service. The purchaser is required to pay the courier service charge.

Payment to Members

Members are permitted to sell items online. Once a customer has purchased or ordered an item from a member's account, Jampak will notify the member of the purchase. If the item has been ordered, but the transaction will be completed upon delivery, Jampak will make arrangements to collect the item from the member without payment. The member will be paid the price of the item less Jampak's fee within 2 business days of the transaction. If the customer makes payment upon ordering, then Jampak will pay the member for the item when the item is being collected or dispatched. Payment will be made by money transfer or cheque.

Delivery by Members

Jampak may require members to deliver an item that has been sold. In such instances, Jampak will first pay the member for the item, that is the price of he item less Jampak's fee, then the member will be required to deliver the item, or have the item delivered. Once the customer has confirmed that they have received the item, then Jampak will pay the member the delivery fee that was charged to the customer.


Members are not permitted to sell or post illegal or obscene articles on our site. Jampak strives to control the content and will review all uploads. Jampak reserves the right to remove an articple or posting for any reason and without notice. Jampak may also adjust uploaded images to meet quality standards.

Keeping records up-to-date

Jampak will endeavor to keep your records up-to-date when the items are sold via our website. However, if members happen to sell their items through some other means, the members is required to remove the item from their account. This is vital to ensure that customers do not purchase an item that is no longer avaiable. Violation of this requirement can lead to the cancellation of an account.

Jampak's Fees to members

Jampak charges % of the price of all items sold by members on its site. This fee and all other fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation of an Account

Jampak reserves the right to cancel a member's account, or change the status of that account, for any reason. The member can cancel their request for cancellation to .


Jampak endeavors to satisfy its customers. However, from time to time, in any business, disputes may arise. If a dispute arises and cannot be resolved quickly and easily, Jampak's directors are willing to meet with a court appointed arbitrator to resolve the matter. Paypal's Resolution Center will facilitate dispute resolutions once purchases are made via PayPal.


Prices are quoted in Jamaican and United States currencies. Jampak will endeavor to use an accurate exchange rate, but slight differences might be realized due to the constant devaluation Jamaican currency. The current exchange rate is JMD : 1 USD. Prices are subject to change at any time. Price changes will not affect purchases made previous to the price change.


Jampak offers discounts to members who have signed in to their account. If a member makes a purchases without signing in, discounts will not be applied retroactively. Shoppers who are not signed in to an account will also be offered sale pries on selected items. Members will not get further reductions in prices for sale items.

Our Address

Jampak is strictly an online store. Our registered office is -